Sun Bonnet Sue

I had been dying to make sun bonnet sue after i saw my aunt doing one during her husband chemo. By that time,  i was not keen into sewing, so she doesn’t want me to continue what she has left. 

So cute. 

Pic credit from pinterest.

Time passed by,  hehe,  i’m starting this sewing as a hobby. Never had i sell anything. Yet. One day I will. To tell the truth,  I love watching ‘pinnshop Thailand’ from youtube. Watching handmade wallet until i came across the key holder. And its sunbonnetsue with free pattern. From there, i save the pattern and that night i start the new project. Then. This happen

My version of key holder. It is not perfect yet. I need to get supplies first. 
That is it. Bye. Hehehe


Lack of sewing

I have been lack of sewing lately. The progress is so slow and it was okay since im a part time student as well. I had been coping with new assignment which is due on march and been preparing for exam on april. Being a student, a worker, and a tailor/sewist I need to manage my time properly. As I am not an organize person,  I still try to make myself to become better by completing all my task in time. 
I also have been accepting a bulk order lately. As I wanted it to be a secret between me, my friend and a customer, I have made my customer to be only dealing with my friend as I was afraid of the controversional of me having multiple job. 😂

So I am hoping that I can completed the job as well while coping with my personal stuff as well. Always being positive and hoping for a better future. For me, being workaholic is doing multiple tasks, between assignment, office work and sewing,  can you tell me when I can spend time with my family?  The answer is “everytime” 😁. Not finishing office task and doing it overtime is not workaholic, is not organised. So manage your time properly folks. U might lose it anytime. 

Til then, 

Test Sew. 

I have not know how to sew and measure. Ussually i use the pattern from the web or any baju contoh that is fit the customer. So, for my nieces, i try to take on their measurement and the result is fantastic for my eyes. 😉

This is all four of them with my own measurement and sewing. I may not know what i shout named the blouse and gown.

Till then 

Baju kurung KAFA

I was asked to do a last minute baju kurung for secondary school. Only 1 baju kurung, 😂. So here it is. I will make the girl to wear and pose for me if i could persuade her anyway.  

For the lack of post. Im sorry. 


Fulfilling order

11 January 2017

Whole Sarawak is mourning over the demise of the people’s chief minister. May he laid in peace. 

Photo courtesy from #adenansatem
Sarawak was declared a public holiday on 12th January 2017 in respect of the Chief Minister memorial service.  In the meantime,  I manage to complete customer order on making the classic baju kurung. 

Tadaaa. Here is the progress. Pinning is crucial. Teheee. 

The complete kurung. 

Till next time, 
p/s: backlog cause my internet was so ‘siput’. This post was supposed to be up on the 12th January 2017. 

Baju opah


yesterday, I’m taking my friend’s order on doing the baju opah for her mother. I forgot to take the picture on how I made it because I forgot that I had started this blog. Here is the finished picture:

I also purchased the new coulourful bobbin thread holder that costs less than RM 20. The 1 bobbin holder is full already. Never thought that my project cost colourful thread. Or as never thought that i start taking order on sewing. How cute is this? 

Order in line. 

  • Baju kurung
  • Repair zipper for bag
  • Repair zipper for school trousers
  • Repair trousers

Till next post,

Installing Invisible Zipper

Before I laid my head to rest, before I ended my day today, and before I have nothing to say because I’m still in the process of learning and not an expert like any other sewer out there, I am happily,  announcing that I passed installing invisible zipper with my first trial with the help of youtube. How happy and proud of myself for pulling it through. Never thought that I will use such technique (I am overreating, right? 🙌)

I did my sewing on sunday evening after spending my whole day napping😯. So,  yes,  I am very slow in progressing after the christmas holidays.I have to get my momentum back and bring the spirits everywhere I go. 😱.

So,  here is a picture of what I am doing this 2 days. Ya, I know i am slow like that.

. FYI,  I am not a fulltime sewist.

Installing zipper like an expert (*wink*wink*)


Till next time,

I am going to sleep.



p/s: late post. problem with publishing.

First blog post

Hi, Happy New Year 2017. This is officially my first trial to blog. I have been thinking about blogging about my “Sewn By Shirley” project since I got my internet back. Thanks to  the Telekom for doing so. Okay, actually i am so mad at them because I have been asking for re-location almost 1 year ago.

Being me, I personally never thought that I actually sew as my second income. I own a Brother GS2700 and Brother 3034D and at first I purchase both baby just for fun. Staying alone and scrolling through blog, youtube and pinterest somehow giving me the idea to start the project at first i collected scrap fabric that my Mommy keep for ages.

Then, Now Is What Happen.

Sewn By Shirley Was Born.