Installing Invisible Zipper

Before I laid my head to rest, before I ended my day today, and before I have nothing to say because I’m still in the process of learning and not an expert like any other sewer out there, I am happily,  announcing that I passed installing invisible zipper with my first trial with the help of youtube. How happy and proud of myself for pulling it through. Never thought that I will use such technique (I am overreating, right? 🙌)

I did my sewing on sunday evening after spending my whole day napping😯. So,  yes,  I am very slow in progressing after the christmas holidays.I have to get my momentum back and bring the spirits everywhere I go. 😱.

So,  here is a picture of what I am doing this 2 days. Ya, I know i am slow like that.

. FYI,  I am not a fulltime sewist.

Installing zipper like an expert (*wink*wink*)


Till next time,

I am going to sleep.



p/s: late post. problem with publishing.


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