Lack of sewing

I have been lack of sewing lately. The progress is so slow and it was okay since im a part time student as well. I had been coping with new assignment which is due on march and been preparing for exam on april. Being a student, a worker, and a tailor/sewist I need to manage my time properly. As I am not an organize person,  I still try to make myself to become better by completing all my task in time. 
I also have been accepting a bulk order lately. As I wanted it to be a secret between me, my friend and a customer, I have made my customer to be only dealing with my friend as I was afraid of the controversional of me having multiple job. 😂

So I am hoping that I can completed the job as well while coping with my personal stuff as well. Always being positive and hoping for a better future. For me, being workaholic is doing multiple tasks, between assignment, office work and sewing,  can you tell me when I can spend time with my family?  The answer is “everytime” 😁. Not finishing office task and doing it overtime is not workaholic, is not organised. So manage your time properly folks. U might lose it anytime. 

Til then, 


Test Sew. 

I have not know how to sew and measure. Ussually i use the pattern from the web or any baju contoh that is fit the customer. So, for my nieces, i try to take on their measurement and the result is fantastic for my eyes. 😉

This is all four of them with my own measurement and sewing. I may not know what i shout named the blouse and gown.

Till then